OctoSKIN makes it easy to customize the multi-screen user interface with a user-friendly tool. It can be used to rebrand or reskin a user interface for an event or promotion.

OctoSKIN is a tool that helps you to customize and change “on the fly” the skin, themes, colors, enable/disable items of your portal. Straightforwardly and quickly, you can adjust the GUI skin for one user, a group of users or all users.

OctoSKIN allows you to enrich and enhance your editorial policy to your GUI. You can adapt your portal if you decide to launch new sections, new content, or if you wish to change the look & feel according to seasons, for a special event or just if you want to address direct messages to your customers (for their birthday, a dedicated promotion or a contest). OctoSKIN also gives you the ability to integrate advertisers into your UI within dedicated sections or on the Home page.

OctoSKIN allows in real time to:

  • change the User Interface background, colors, and texts,
  • create different themes such as “Kids” or “Adult” profile themes,
  • arrange, add or remove sections from the Home page,
  • integrate a fingerprint on live TV – manage different languages for the same portal,
  • manage VIP set-top boxes with a specific design,
  • change advertising and promotional images,
  • manage mosaic channels.