For telecom operators

The platform

Our platform is a full range of tools in which a middleware, a CDN and transcoding solutions are united with a state-of-the-art user interface. We created an end‑to‑end solution for fast and secure delivery of media content across any device.

It is not an easy thing to choose a reliable partner. Moreover, it is even harder and more time‑consuming to find several vendors for different services and products. Therefore, we united all the tools to make it easier and faster.

The Platform also allows you to add other components to your projects such as A.I., voice assistants, and recommandation engine features.


Our middleware platform manages video content from multiple sources, secures, monetizes and customizes your offers to achieve quick R.O.I. with mixed Capex and Opex models.


OctoCOD enables live TV and VOD file transcoding for multiscreen and multinetwork environments (DVB-T/S/C, IPTV, OTT, and mobile) with efficiency and simple handling. OctoCOD is a unique offer on the market that offers dual live and files management.


OctoCAST is a CDN solution that enables the distribution of your OTT content, based on our OctoCAST Origin Server. The OctoCAST Edge Server creates a local capacity to address several thousands of end-users with tier-one operator level quality and security.


OctoSKIN enables telecom operators and media companies to customize their multiscreen user interfaces seamlessly with a “WYSIWYG” application.

For Hospitality & Corporate

Thanks to our expertise and products developed for telecom operators, we have built a turnkey solution for corporate and hospitality industry’s needs.

OctoROOM 2G is the new version of our solution which is a simple and centralized management system. It allows you to supervise your customers, content, rights, and network to multiscreen devices through standard or customized user interfaces.


OctoROOM solution includes a back and front office that is easy to install. The back office allows you to configure your clients and the content they can access easily.


Our solution is scalable and responds to any business size from small hotels to large resorts, hospital to retirement homes, from cruise ships to buses… OctoROOM has been installed in more than 1 000 premises.


Depending on your needs and structure, we can add or remove modules (live TV, catch-up, VOD, messaging, weather, languages, digital signage, RSS feeds…).


OctoROOM can be adapted to suit your budget. We are working with small size businesses to large-scale resorts and corporations.