OctoCHAT is a fully secured and real-time text messaging application, alo allowing video and audio calls.


OctoCHAT is a full turnkey solution which allows you to deploy a real-time and secured text and video call messaging application.

It offers you an alternative to existing applications on the market which don’t provide a secure and manageable environment. Thanks to our solution, you can control and define levels of security and deployments.

OctoCHAT manages message queues (creating new messages while offline) and as an option, media message re-download. It also manages video calls (in-app video calling over data connection), as well as media download networks settings (Wifi, Cellular or Manual). OctoCHAT can support audio calls (in-app audio calling over data connection) and cache settings for media messages (automatic or manual clean-up).

OctoCHAT can display the last active user status information (or currently online). It can switch between multiple accounts and can generate dynamic passwords.

Chat enhanced features

Manage multiple forms of chat such as live chat between various devices, group chat as well as private chat feature.

Push notification support

OctoCHAT supports all types of notifications.

Send what you need

Allow you to send any content that you may need: from basic text messages to pictures, videos, audio messages as well as your current location, stickers, and emojis.

A set of features to make your life easier

Support MD5 checksum for media messages and has a media file local cache. It also loads earlier messages quickly and has a typing indicator.

Automatic receipts

Deliver automatic receipts for message delivery of message read confirmation.

Record and save what is needed

Save and record any content exchanged on its platform to your device: texts, pictures, and videos.

Display any content

Display any content from multiple sources: if you need to check a picture from a database or if you want to check a map view following a shared location with someone.

Define your settings easily

Allow you to set up your parameters easily: from basic settings view to your profile or if you wish to create groups of users. You can also change the wallpaper background, and check your history.

Logo_OctoCHAT Sport

OctoCHAT Sport is a variation of our OctoCHAT product and allows any sports rights holder (TV channels, telecom operators, OTT platforms …) to enhance their sports video streams with a “chat” module allowing viewers to create groups real time discussion.


This feature allows to create interactivity around sports events and gather and retain subscribers.


The OctoCHAT Sport solution can be integrated into any solution on set top box, smartphone, tablet, PC, gaming consoles or even on any OTT device.

  • OctoPUS

    OctoPUS is a web application which provides a Content Management System (CMS), a Customer Right Management solution (CRM), and a full middleware solution based on our O.one platform.

  • OctoCOD

    OctoCOD is a unique all-in-one transcoder enabling Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators to access Tier 1 transcoding quality and versatility.

  • OctoCAST

    OctoCAST can be used as an origin server to deliver content to any CDN service for the end-user and multiscreen formats.

  • OctoPORTAL

    OctoPORTAL offers a multiscreen experience with full control over user interface customization regarding design and navigation.

  • OctoADS

    OctoADS is a solution that allows to do ads insertion and replacement within a video feed

  • OctoGUIDE

    OctoGUIDE enables the management of a single unified EPG gathering multiple sources (EIT, web…) for a customized and branded experience.

  • OctoSKIN

    OctoSKIN makes it easy to customize the multi-screen user interface with a user-friendly tool. It can be used to rebrand or reskin a user interface for an event or a promotion.

  • OctoCHAT

    OctoCHAT is a fully secured and real-time text messaging application, also allowing video and audio calls.

  • OctoBOT

    OctoBOT is a conversation application based on an advanced A.I. that allows multiple voice and text interactions.

  • OctoRECO

    OctoRECO is a powerful recommendation engine that can be connected to any data source. It is based on a machine-learning Artificial Intelligence.