OctoBOT is a conversation application based on an advanced AI that allows multiple voice and text interactions.


OctoBOT is designed for seamless integration with any size of databases. It starts with basic knowledge and a training dataset to start learning.

It supports any client-side voice recognition in any languages using platform APIs and Text to Speech feature.

OctoBOT is a faithful companion for your customers’ TV experience and enhances the UX by integrating your content and its declination in different languages. As an example, a US box office movie title can be either pronounced in the local language or proper English and OctoBOT will automatically detect the corresponding media content.

OctoBOT can also suggest to your customer content from your VOD library as well as from any other source integrated into your ecosystem.

Our solution can also be integrated into your back office so that your technical, marketing and editorial teams can get real-time information on the use of your content, your users’ behaviors as well as any information allowing you to follow the lifecycle of your products. It is therefore a real dashboard on demand.

OctoBOT can be integrated on any device and runs on iOS, Android, Desktop as well as WebApps.

  • OctoPUS

    OctoPUS is a web application which provides a Content Management System (CMS), a Customer Right Management solution (CRM), and a full middleware solution based on our O.one platform.

  • OctoCOD

    OctoCOD is a unique all-in-one transcoder enabling Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators to access Tier 1 transcoding quality and versatility.

  • OctoCAST

    OctoCAST can be used as an origin server to deliver content to any CDN service for the end-user and multiscreen formats.

  • OctoPORTAL

    OctoPORTAL offers a multiscreen experience with full control over user interface customization regarding design and navigation.

  • OctoADS

    OctoADS is a solution that allows to do ads insertion and replacement within a video feed

  • OctoGUIDE

    OctoGUIDE enables the management of a single unified EPG gathering multiple sources (EIT, web…) for a customized and branded experience.

  • OctoSKIN

    OctoSKIN makes it easy to customize the multi-screen user interface with a user-friendly tool. It can be used to rebrand or reskin a user interface for an event or a promotion.

  • OctoCHAT

    OctoCHAT is a fully secured and real-time text messaging application, also allowing video and audio calls.

  • OctoBOT

    OctoBOT is a conversation application based on an advanced A.I. that allows multiple voice and text interactions.

  • OctoRECO

    OctoRECO is a powerful recommendation engine that can be connected to any data source. It is based on a machine-learning Artificial Intelligence.