November 11th, 2011

Breeze Technologies and Vianeos form a partnership to create IPTV ‘in-a-box’ solution, to be distributed by Imago Group

Imago Group has announced a new initiative for the IPTV market sector. Breeze Technologies, the MPEG and IPTV solutions developer, represented exclusively by Imago in Europe, has formed a new partnership with French IPTV middleware provider, Vianeos, which will allow the two companies to deliver an ‘IPTV in a box’ solution.

The agreement was finalized at last month’s IPTV World Forum in London and brings together Breeze Technologies’ TVIUM DVB-T set-top box, which captures and distributes digital TV and radio across the IP network, with Vianeos’s Octopus middleware solution that allows customers to manage all the multimedia content distributed across their IPTV network. Imago has been working with Breeze Technologies for the last seven years distributing the TVium solution and will now broaden its relationship to help both Breeze and Vianeos bring the new package of products to market.

Imago’s breadth of product offering complements the new ‘IPTV in a box’ solution, as it not only brings together content management middleware along with television channels via the TVium gateway, but in addition provides the ability to play out all of the multimedia created by utilizing its Amino family of set-top boxes. “Customers running private networks, such as universities, schools, hospitals, hotels, oil rigs and of course business centers and offices, will be able to access a fully integrated package for IPTV video delivery using our new solution,” said Kevin Crofts, Managing Director of Breeze Technologies.

The key benefit to customers will be ease of use, combined with the functionality afforded by two of the leading IPTV solutions on the market. Imago Group will introduce the ‘IPTV in a box’ offer to its specialist channel of resellers and systems integrators. Christopher Hude, CEO at Vianeos, said: “Bringing Octopus to the TVIUM platform offers both our own, and Breeze’s customers a simple, self-contained, but highly effective package.”

For Imago the ‘IPTV in a box’ solution provides customers with a one-stop-shop for an economical but powerful application suite. Peter Nice Head of New Business at Imago was enthusiastic about the new agreement. He commented: “This type of solution will become more important, particularly here in the UK, as the introduction of digital television gains pace.”